We just released our flagship theme!

It’s lightweight, bloat-free, and features crisp typography and a fun off-canvas mobile menu.

More info soon!

20 thoughts on “New Theme: m1

  1. hi
    i am using m1 theme to manage my site can u help me
    I can not manage the header images on proper way
    please suggest me

  2. Hi Scott,

    I want to let you know the header part of your theme is missing. The part which can be changed on Customize part on back-end (image header and text). I have installed the last version of m1.

    Please take a look on your source code. If you don’t have time, please let me know and I will be glad to help you.

    I want to suggest you to add here in this part a list of last 3-5 posts (like a slider 🙂 ) if the admin wants this, or the static header with text over it.

    Thank you for this nice theme.

  3. Is there a way to stop the header fonts (specifically Header 4) changing when viewed on a mobile device? On my iPad and iPhone header 4’s font turns into a condensed version, and it makes the rest of my site look inconsistent.


  4. Hi,
    Sorry to interrupt, I’m also having a problem adding an image to the header background via an m1 child. I’m developing on a local WAMP, and have added the following to a new style.css. I’ve changed the colour from here to check it’s reading the file. But this doesn’t work, is it a local host thing?

    background-image: url(C:\wamp\www……jpg) !important;
    Otherwise, I’m loving the theme, well done, thanks!

  5. Hey There,

    I’ve got a problem that I cant see the headder Picture, can you explain how I get it right in Place?
    Thanks a lot and your theme is really beautyfull

  6. Hi there! Great, clean theme! I can’t get the home banner to display. I have it checked in options and I uploaded an image. Could you help me out?


  7. Scott –

    Possible off-canvas mobile menu bug. Aside from this issue, the theme is working beautifully.

    On iPhone, clicking the menu hamburger shifts content to the right and opens a menu space to the left, as it should, but displays no menu items, just a blank space. Here’s the site: silveradocafe . wpengine . com/

    Navigating to any page from the footer menu will make the menu work. I’ve consistently duplicated the scenario by navigating to another website and then back and repeating the test. Any ideas?

  8. Hello, this is a great theme! Just having one issue, it it possible to add a drop down menu under one of the main menu tabs?


  9. Hi Scott…Love the m1 theme, and even as a WordPress newbie I was able to feel my way around to customize it pretty much as I wanted. I am, however, having issues with the off-canvas menu not showing up (tried on both new Blackberry Z10 and older iPhone 3GS). Any suggestions? (Already read through your docs a few times, including the Off-Canvas Nav post, but couldn’t determine what to do…please keep in mind I don’t have a high comfort level with the programming end of things, and most of the instructions for responsive theme menus that I’ve checked out online elsewhere is way over my head…) Thanks again for the great theme, and would really appreciate any help you can offer this newbie!

    • Hi Lee, glad you like the theme! I will look into this issue, but I have a hard time replicating it. Everything seems to be fine in newer iPhones and Androids.

      • Thanks for the reply, Scott…just as an FYI, I also can’t get the menu to display on (new) iPad or Blackberry Playbook…sincerely appreciate any suggestions you can throw at me, as I’m really stuck – client’s (also) loves the theme but they’re not too happy with me right now 🙁 Thanks Scott!

  10. Hi Scott!

    So, Im going to ask a question too 🙂 I’m new to wordpress and I’m migrating my blogspot blog using m1 theme, which is beautiful.

    I would like to change the default font of the theme to Josefine Sans, how can I do that?

    Also, is it possible to change the width of the columns? I would like the width of my posts to match my pictures which are 660px wide so they are justified with the text. Can I do that?

    Thank you very much,


  11. So, in fact I’ve already fallen in love with the font, so that problem is solved now ^_^

    Thanks anyway! Congrats for the lovely theme!


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